Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division of the Defiance County General Health District performs services to protect and promote public health in Defiance County. This is done by regulation enforcement, inspections and providing educational materials and programs for the public. In order to protect and promote public health, the environmental health division works closely with local, state, national, and non-governmental agencies. The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the following programs:

Environmental Health inspections and investigations are conducted by Registered Sanitarians, as required by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4736. A sanitarian is a professional who performs educational, investigational, technical, or administrative duties requiring specialized knowledge and skills in the field of environmental health science. In order to achieve Registered Sanitarian status, one must first completed a four-year college degree with emphasis in science. When the graduate begins work in the environmental health field, he or she becomes registered as a Sanitarian-In-Training. The Sanitarian-In-Training must work in the environmental field under the supervision of a Registered Sanitarian for a period of at least two years and pass an examination covering all areas of environmental health in order to become a Registered Sanitarian. All Registered Sanitarians and Sanitarians-In-Training must complete a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education annually in order to keep their registration current.