Public Health Nuisance Complaints

The Defiance County General Health District needs citizen participation to assist in the prevention and elimination of hazards to the public health.  A public health nuisance is described as conditions that affect the public.  The health district does not enforce any building or housing maintenance code (currently there are no building codes or housing maintenance codes for Defiance County) for issues dealing with electrical, plumbing, roofing, structure, etc.  You may check with your city/ village offices to find out if there are residential building codes within your city/ village.

A concerned citizen should take the following two steps prior to filing a formal complaint with the health district:

  1. Ask yourself if the nuisance condition is health related.  The enforcement ability of public health is limited to conditions which threaten the public health.  A condition may certainly be a nuisance to you, but it may not be a public health nuisance.
  2. Address your concerns to the offending party and attempt to work out a solution directly.  If you attempt to resolve the problem, but are unsuccessful, then it may be appropriate to file a public health nuisance complaint.

Complaints are generally investigated in the order in which they are received.  Turn around time is usually a week to ten days, but may be less, depending on the number of complaints received.

Once a nuisance complaint is filed with our office, it becomes a public record.  Anyone may obtain a copy of a complaint file upon request by submitting the following form to the health district:  Public Records Request Form.

Types of Complaints Investigated