Children With Medical Handicaps

Children with Medical Handicaps

BMCH is a state supported program that provides medical diagnosis and treatment for children with a medically handicapping condition. A public health nurse assists families in obtaining services in their community and provides health education, advocacy, and home visits. 

The child must be:

  • A resident of Ohio
  • Under the care of a BCMH approved physician
  • Have a possible medical handicap (diagnostic program)
  • Family must be financially eligible (treatment program only)

Treatment Program

  • The purpose of the program is to provide ongoing treatment services for medically and financially eligible children


  • Office visits to BCMH approved physicians
  • Prescription medications
  • Therapies
  • Hearing aides
  • Surgery
  • Medical equipment
  • Public health nurse services

Diagnostic Program

  • Rule out a medically handicapping condition
  • Diagnose a condition
  • Help develop a plan of treatment


  • Office visits to BCMH approved physician, as well as diagnostic tests that are needed
  • Public health nurse services

For more information on BCMH, call the health department at  (419)784.3818 or visit the Ohio Department of Health website.

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