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April 14, 2023

 Have you ever heard of the statement that we are human beings, not human “doings” ?

It might sound funny, but there is a lot of truth behind the saying. Many times we as teenagers are on our phones, while partially watching some kind of show, with our minds also in some other world. Have you ever noticed that these efforts to relax and take our minds off of school and life tend to do the complete opposite? We feel like we have so many things demanding our effort, and we start to live life like zombies labeled as “human doings.”


Being present in the moment should not be treated like a luxury, but rather a necessity!

You can take action by:

  1. Engaging in mono-tasking (one task at a time). Avoiding multitasking all together may be too much to ask, but being more intentional about how you plan, so that you have time during the day to just be, really could help!
  2. Quieting your distractions. We have so many things vying for our attention, some things helpful, and some things more harmful. Put down your phone for even 10 minutes to actually see the world around you, and hear what your close ones are saying!  

These two actions are not “iron fist” demands, just a couple friendly suggestions :) Have some fun spending quality times with your friends or family, and you would have already accomplished the ideal of being present! So I encourage you to pursue being present and see just how much it can change your life!

Written By
DeLaney Begley
Drug Free Leadership Council
Hicksville Highschool