Cottage Food Production

Cottage food production is regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. For more information on producing, and selling a cottage food please click here.

 cutting vegetablesThe Defiance County General Health District provides a vital link in the chain of food safety inspections that take place from the farm to your table.  All Retail Food Establishments and Food Service Operations in Defiance County must obtain a license from the Health Department.  License fees are used to finance the inspection services provided by the department.

Sanitarians from the Environmental Health Division routinely inspect all Retail Food Establishments and Food Service Operations according to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety code inspection frequency requirements.  During inspections, sanitarians determine the facility’s compliance with the Ohio Food Safety Law and cite any violations.  The primary goal of the inspection service is to ensure a safe and sanitary food supply.  The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Codes were updated and became effective January 1, 2013.

The Environmental Health Division also provides food safety consultations to the public, investigates consumer and foodborne illness complaints, and reviews plans for all new or remodeled facilities.

For questions on licensing, plan review, or to file a complaint, contact the environmental health division at 419-784-3818.

Download a free copy of “Food Safety & Food Security; What Consumers Need To Know”  (A publication developed by the USDA).  Product recalls, alerts, and warnings can be found at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.