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Preventing substance misuse in Defiance County through education, awareness, and collaboration with community members and organizations.

Building a drug free community for a brighter and healthier future

Guiding Principles:
1. The coalition focus is education and awareness.
2. The coalition takes a community based approach.
3. The coalition is consensus based.

The Defiance County Drug Free Coalition (DFC) will conduct quarterly evaluations of the progress made toward achieving the strategic goals and objectives explained in the strategic plan. Documentation and monitoring of progress will be completed by Defiance County General Health District and reviewed by the steering committee.

The results from each evaluation will be presented at the quarterly DFC meetings.  Discussion and problem solving sessions will occur if progress is not being made.  The DFC’s strategic plan may be revised or updated to include any additional priority areas in an effort to continuously improve the coalitions work of promoting substance use awareness.

The Drug Free Coalition (DFC) Strategic Plan has three Strategic Goals that were developed according to the Coalition’s Mission and Guiding Principles. These goals are driven by data found in the 2021 Defiance County Health Needs Assessment (CHA), the 2021 Defiance County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), Defiance County substance and risk behavior related data, and DFC’s discussions during meetings. Each goal is met by achieving Objectives. Objectives are achieved by completing specific Action Steps that align with the CHIP.

Strategic Goal A: Increase awareness of risky behaviors and substance abuse through communication plans.

Strategic Goal B: Increase awareness of educational programs and/or workshops on different “hot topics,” risky behaviors, and substance abuse to the public.

Strategic Goal C: Rebuild the Drug Free Leadership Council to promote awareness regarding drugs and alcohol to Defiance County Youth.

Objectives and actions steps for each goal can be viewed by reading the Defiance County Drug Free Coalition 2022-2024 Strategic Plan.

The purpose of the Drug Free Coalition is to focus on education and awareness related to alcohol and drug consumption.  View the information below to learn more about drug and alcohol use in Defiance County and other educational resources.

Ohio Smokefree Workplace Law

DCHD Smokefree Workplace Page

Ohio Smokefree Workplace Law Changes to Smoking Law were enacted on Sept 30, 2021. 

No Smoking Signage PDF Sign for Businesses and Organizations



Defiance County Drug & Alcohol Data

Defiance County Drug Poisoning (Overdoses) reports are developed quarterly and made available for public review.

Youth Drug & Alcohol Data – Presentation of information from the 2018 Community Health Assessment, this summarizes Defiance County Youth Drug and Alcohol data. 

View the resources below if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Guide – A comprehensive guide for those struggling with Drug and/or Alcohol addiction or recovery.
NOCAC Resource Guide – The Community Resource Guide is a comprehensive inventory of programs and services available to the residents of Northwest Ohio.
RecoveryOhio – RecoveryOhio is working to provide a full continuum of care to all of Ohio. RecoveryOhio’s goals are to create a system to help make treatment available to Ohioans in need, provide support services for those in recovery and their families, offer direction for the state’s prevention and education efforts, and work with local law enforcement to provide resources to fight illicit drugs at the source.
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting GuideMeeting Guide is a free-of-charge meeting finder app. The app helps people find A.A. meetings and resources near them.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for a list of scheduled events.

The DFC meets on a quarterly basis to discuss and plan for the objectives in the DFC Strategic Plan. Coalition documents and meeting minutes are made available to the public. If you are interested in joining the Drug Free Coalition or would like more information click here or call 419-784-3818 to reach our Health Promotion Division.

The next meeting is July 23, 2024 at 7:30am at the Defiance County EMA.