Did you know? Youth whose parents talk with them regularly about substance use are 50% less likely to use.

The Drug Free Leadership Council (DFLC) is a student group first started during the 2014-2015 school year as a branch of the Drug Free Coalition (DFC). Students work together with the DFLC facilitator and their school administration to bring awareness about substance use prevention to their schools. There are between 2-8 students that represent each of the 5 high schools in Defiance County. Updates from DFLC meetings are shared with the DFC.

Student Representatives for the 2023-2024 School Year
Ayersville:  Kylie Caryer and Cheyenne Willms

Defiance:  Ryleigh Anderson, Breanna Armstrong, Dylan Johnson, Joslyn Renn, Gabrielle Rittenour, Ashtyn Shull, and Brezlen Zipfel

Fairview: Elijah Arend, Klayton Boland, Trinity Guerrero-Bok, and McKenna Kimpel

Hicksville: Elise Baldwin and Delaney Begley

Tinora: Erica Ahmed, Owen Ferrell, Deven Luellen, and Addie Thomas

DFLC Blogspot

Summer Safety

June 12, 2023 Summer comes with a lot of fun for students: bonfires, lake trips, vacations, and hanging out with friends. However, there is also a risk for making bad choices or getting into dangerous situations. The Drug Free Leadership Council wants to remind students to be safe and make smart choices this summer. Here are some suggestions on fun ...

Being Present

April 14, 2023 Have you ever heard of the statement that we are human beings, not human “doings” ? It might sound funny, but there is a lot of truth behind the saying. Many times we as teenagers are on our phones, while partially watching some kind of show, with our minds also in some other world. Have you ever ...

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DFLC students meet regularly with the DFLC facilitator to learn more about substance use in Defiance County youth and provide updates on their campaigns. One of the goals of the group is for the awareness campaigns being shared in the schools is youth led and created, while the DFLC facilitator acts as guide for the students. Youth led prevention (YLP) is a common strategy for substance use prevention in schools because the prevention efforts tend to be more meaningful to students when it is led by their peers rather than adults. Students who participate in YLP also develop their interpersonal, research, and communication skills. Through participating as DFLC student representatives, these students also become resources for their peers.

The students design materials and plan campaigns to be shared in their school to inform peers about the percentage of youth in Defiance County who actually use substances, the dangers of using substances, and making positive life choices. The DFLC students have also taken an interest in promoting information about mental health and self-care as a strategy to prevent substance use. In some of the Defiance County high schools, larger student groups have been born out of the interest of being the student representative for the DFLC. These larger groups typically meet after the DFLC meetings and discuss campaign plans and work together on creating materials (posters, stall talk content, etc.) that can be displayed or distributed in their school.

Campaign Material

During meetings students discuss, plan, and create campaigns for their schools. Check out some of the campaigns below students created to educate their peers on making good choices and not get getting involved in risky behaviors.

The Drug Free Leadership Council meets monthly or as school schedules allow. Coalition documents and meeting minutes are made available to the public. If you would like more information about DFLC click here or call 419-784-3818 to reach our Taylor Jessing, DFLC coordinator.

The next meeting is To Be Determined at the Defiance County Health Department.

Coalition Documents

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Age Matters

Teen Health: Substance Use and Abuse