Environmental Health

At DCGHD inspections and investigations are conducted by Environmental Health Specialists (EHS), as required by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4736. An EHS is a professional who performs educational, investigational, technical, or administrative duties requiring specialized knowledge and skills in the field of environmental health science. In order to achieve an EHS status, one must first completed a four-year college degree with emphasis in science. When the graduate begins work in the environmental health field, he or she becomes registered as an Environmental Health Specialist In Training (EHSIT). The EHSIT must work in the environmental field under the supervision of an EHS for a period of at least two years and pass an examination covering all areas of environmental health in order to become an EHS. All EHS must complete continuing education bi-annually in order to keep their registration current.

The Environmental Health Division of the Defiance County General Health District performs services to protect and promote public health in Defiance County. This is done by regulation enforcement, inspections and providing educational materials and programs for the public. In order to protect and promote public health, the environmental health division works closely with local, state, national, and non-governmental agencies. The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the following programs:

Fees for the Environmental Health Services are determined each year using a cost methodology required by the State. Click the link for up-to-date Environmental Health Service fees.

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Body Art

All body art businesses must be permitted and inspected by the Defiance County General Health District. Statewide rules for body ...
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Food Protection Program

The Defiance County General Health District provides a vital link in the chain of food safety inspections that take place ...
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Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Harmful algal blooms are a major environmental problem in all 50 states and can be known as red tides, blue-green ...
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Household Sewage Treatment Systems

The Defiance County General Health District Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) Program involves permitting and inspection of sewage treatment systems ...
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Manufactured Home Parks

The Department of Commerce is now the state agency that provides oversight of Ohio’s manufactured homes program. House Bill 49, ...
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Private Water Systems

Sanitarians at DCGHD work to minimize the threat of surface water and ground water contamination in order to prevent disease ...
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Public Health Nuisance Complaints

The Defiance County General Health District needs citizen participation to assist in the prevention and elimination of hazards to the ...
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Real Estate/ Subdivisions

Building a new home in rural Defiance County is exciting, and can also be overwhelming. DCGHD Sanitarians will facilitate the ...
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Recreation Park Camps (Campgrounds)

The Defiance County General Health District licenses and inspects all recreational vehicle parks in our jurisdiction. The health district is ...
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Resident Day Camps

A resident day camp is "a facility which is primarily used for the purpose of camping, indoor or outdoor activities, ...
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School Environmental Health

The State of Ohio passed state regulations known as Jarod's Law in 2008 and in 2010, the law was rescinded ...
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Smoke-Free Workplace

On May 3, 2007 the enforcement for the Smokefree Workplace Law began. You can find a copy of the law ...
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Swimming Pools & Spas

The public swimming pool program was established in 1947 to prevent the spread of water-borne disease and reduce the risk ...
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Vector & Zoonotic Disease

Vectors A vector-borne disease is one in which the pathogenic microorganism is transmitted from an infected individual to another individual ...
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