Food Safety Trainings

The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Codes requires food safety training for licensed food establishments. Risk Level 1 and 2 establishments shall have one person per shift complete the Person in Charge Certification. Risk Level 3 and 4 establishments shall have one person per shift complete the Person in Charge Certification AND have the license holder or representative complete the Manager Certification in Food Safety. Review these requirements below.

Person in Charge (Level One) Training

At least one person in charge per shift of a food service operation or retail food establishment must have completed an Ohio Department of Health approved Level One Certification in Food Protection course, or an equivalent approved training prior to the business being licensed. Defiance County Health Department is not offering this course in person during the COVID-19 pandemic. A full listing of approved Level One and Level Two courses and providers can be found in the ‘Links’ section below.

Manager (Level Two) Training

There are many training opportunities available to meet the Level Two Manager’s training requirement. The new rule requires each Risk Level 3 and Risk Level 4 Retail Food Establishment and Food Service Operation employ a person who has completed the Level 2 Certification in Food Protection approved by the Ohio Department of Health. This rule became effective March 1st, 2017, and is being enforced by our office.

Individuals that wish to take the online course and take the exam in Defiance County must do the following:

  1. Contact The Defiance County Extension office at 419-782-4771 and tell them you would like to take the Level Two Certification in Food Protections Course. The extension office is utilizing ServSafe Online which consists of 15 modules.
  2. The extension office will register the individual and provide to them a username and password after the fee is paid (the fee is $150.00 and includes the online class and in-person exam).
  3. The individual will schedule the test date with the Extension office, to be taken after the online coursework is complete. The exam will take approximately two hours and must be scheduled.

There are other training and testing centers located in Northwest Ohio as well as throughout the state that offer this training. If you have any questions about the new training requirement, please contact the Defiance County Health Department.

Have you already taken a Level Two Manager’s Training?

If you have already taken a training that you believe meets this requirement, you have fill out and submit a Reciprocity Application and supporting documentation to the Ohio Department of Health. All applications are reviewed and must be approved by ODH. See the ‘Forms’ section below to access the application.

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