Food Safety Trainings

DCGHD is now offering Food Safety Person-in-Charge trainings and Manager’s Certification trainings. To register for a training, download the brochure by clicking or tapping the link below.

What is the Person-in-Charge Training?

Person in Charge Training (PIC) is an approximate three-hour basic food safety training which meets PIC Training requirements for food service workers. The employee training enhances food service worker understanding of major food safety principles, including time and temperature abuse, cross contamination, and personal hygiene. The program includes a National Restaurant Association Education Foundation handbook, several hands-on activities, lots of class participation and Certificate of Completion. At least one employee per facility per shift must have this certification.

What is ServSafe Manager training and who should attend?

The ServSafe® program, Food Safety Manager Training (Level 2) provides accurate, up-to-date information for all levels of employees on handling of food, from receiving and storing to preparing and serving. The course objectives are to identify and learn key principles, be aware of standards enforced by the regulatory agencies and to implement and monitor measures for prevention of food-borne diseases. This course is designed to provide all food service workers who prepare food for sale or consumption including managers, operators, and owners with updated principles of safe food handling. At least one employee from Risk Level III and IV food facilities must have this certification.

Have you already taken a Level Two Manager’s Training?

If you have already taken a training that you believe meets this requirement, you have fill out and submit a Reciprocity Application and supporting documentation to the Ohio Department of Health. All applications are reviewed and must be approved by ODH. See the ‘Forms’ section below to access the application.

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