Food Inspections Conducted

Violations listed are believed to be accurate at the time of inspection.  Violations may have been corrected at time of inspection.  Inspection reports are placed on this page after each Board of Health meeting. The Board of Health meets the second Monday of each month (subject to change based on Holidays).  Please note that each report is public record, for any questions or further information on a specific establishment, contact the Environmental Health Division at 419-784-3818 or at

Food Establishments have different Risk Levels based on the type of business. For example a convenience store or carry-out may be a Risk Level 1 or 2 license, while a full service restaurant may be a Risk Level 3 or 4 license. Risk Level 1 and 2 establishments receive a minimum of 1 inspection per licensing period. Risk Level 3 and 4 establishments receive a minimum of 2 inspections per licensing period. In addition to standard inspection, Sanitarians also conduct pre-licensing and 30-day inspections (new establishments), complaint investigations, consultations, and follow-up inspections to ensure compliance. Inspections are conducted according to the requirements in the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.