On-time vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines are tested to ensure that they are safe and effective for children to receive at the recommended ages.

Defiance County Health Department provides a range of immunizations to those that qualify*. Browse the tabs to learn more about immunizations provided by the Health Department.

*Without health insurance, or covered by Medicaid

Don’t wait until the last minute, call our office to schedule an appointment for back-to-school vaccines.
CLICK HERE to see the available clinic days.

Defiance County General Health District provides vaccines for those without health insurance or those covered by Medicaid. View vaccine recommendations by age group by clicking the buttons below.

Each year, top disease experts and doctors who care for children work together to decide what to recommend that will best protect U.S. children from diseases. The schedule is evaluated each year based on the most recent scientific data available

Healthcare providers should identify children who have missed well-child visits and/or recommended vaccinations and contact parents to schedule in-person appointments, starting with newborns, infants and children up to 24 months, young children, and extending through adolescence. The Health Department has vaccines available to persons without health insurance or covered by Medicaid.

What do I need to bring?

  • Copy of child’s Immunization record
  • Copy of Medicaid insurance card (if applicable)
  • A child less than 18 years of age who is accompanied by an adult other than the parent or guardian written permission is required. Print and complete the following form: Accompaniment Immunization Permission Form

Healthcare providers, whether they administer vaccines or not, should take steps to ensure that their patients receive vaccines according to the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice. Older adults and adults with underlying medical conditions are particularly at increased risk for preventable disease and complications if vaccination is deferred. The Health Department has vaccines available to persons without health insurance or covered by Medicaid.

At this time DCGHD will be resuming regular Immunization Clinics by appointment only. Clinics are held at the Defiance County Health Department, in Defiance and at the Huber Opera House, in Hicksville. To schedule an appointment, please call (419) 784-3818 and ask to speak with a Public Health Nurse. The 2023 Immunization Clinics can be found below. COVID-19 vaccinations will be administered at these clinics by appointment only.

The fee for immunizations is subject to change each year. Click here to see the current cost for immunizations provided by the Health Department.

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