Operation and Maintenance Program

What is Operation and Maintenance?

In 2007, the Ohio legislature passed laws requiring owners of Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) to obtain operation permits.
Some of the major points in the law:

 Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) commonly known as septic systems, in use prior to the law are considered
approved. Existing systems do not need to be improved or replaced, unless it is to address a public health issue.
 Repairs are favored over replacements when addressing a public health issue.
 Each owner of an STS must obtain an operation permit from the local health district.

To learn more information on the program watch the O&M Presentation video, and explore the different resources in the drop-down menus.

O&M Presentation

When working correctly, septic systems are an excellent way  to  treat  wastewater.  However, poor maintenance can cause these systems to fail, leading to pollution of our ground and surface water.  In order to avoid septic system failure, the state of Ohio has created a set of rules, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapter 3701-29, to help monitor and maintain septic systems. These state wide rules have made it so Defiance County Public Health had to develop its Operation and Maintenance program to include all septic systems in Defiance County. Defiance County Operation and Maintenance Supplemental Sewage Rules were adopted May 2019.

The Health Department took an Environmental Impact approach in implementing the O&M program. Permit due dates will follow the following township schedule:

Defiance, Noble, Richland                             June 30, 2019

Adams, Delaware, Highland                          June 30, 2020

Hicksville, Mark, Tiffin                                    June 30, 2021

Farmer, Milford, Washington                         June 30, 2022

Funds are available to assist qualifying homeowners with the repair or replacement of their septic system. Visit the WPCLF page if you are interested in these funding opportunities.

Current WPCLF Funding Guidelines**Based on 2019 income. These Funds are to be used on installations between June 1st 2019 and November 30th 2020**

DCGHD has records (pump reports, system permits, system locations/layouts) of septic systems in Defiance County dating back to the late 1940s, however the District does not have complete records for all properties in the County. Implementation of the O&M program will help to develop complete records for septic systems throughout our county. Fill out the request form below to receive copy of septic information for your property. Use the message box to ask specific questions about about septic system.

Septic System Request

Septic System Request

Fill out the form to request information on your Septic System. ** You Must Provide a Property Address to Receive Records Requests**

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