New Home and Realty Services

Building a new home in rural Defiance County is exciting, and can also be overwhelming. DCHD Sanitarians will facilitate the permitting of new Septic Systems and new Water Systems for new homes in Defiance County. The permitting and construction process for these systems can be found at the Sewage Treatment System and Private Water System Pages.

If you have purchased, or are going to purchase land for your home, you may require a Subdivision inspection for the property. DCHD Sanitarians can walk you through the necessary steps to complete the Subdivision requirements for the Health Department. Additional information on Subdivisions (lot splits) can be found at Maumee Valley Planning Organization by clicking here. Click the icons to learn more about these services.

A lending institution may require a sewage and water system report (including water sample) before a loan is approved.  The Defiance County Health Department provides this service. The process starts by filling out a Realty Inspection Request Form.

The sewage system report includes a record search for Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) permits and a site inspection.  HSTS permits are available for properties that date back to the 1960’s.  Septic tanks are required to be pumped prior to the site inspection, if this has not been completed in the past three years, or in accordance with the O&M program.  If your septic tank requires pumping, please refer to the detailed list of licensed septic haulers below.  In the event that the septic system is not operational or is observed creating a nuisance, it will be required to comply with current regulations.

The water system report consists of a record search for Private Water Systems (PWS) permits, site inspection, and bacterial water sample analysis.  The State of Ohio passed legislation requiring PWS permits in 1980.  If no PWS permit is available, a well log search will be conducted with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  Click the icons to learn more about these services.

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