O&M Training

O&M Training

Operation & Maintenance Service Provider Training For Homeowners

Throughout this course you will learn information necessary to become a Registered Service Provider for your Household Sewage Treatment System.

Complete each lesson to learn information on Household Sewage Treatment Systems and your requirements as a Service Provider of your system during the Operation & Maintenance permit period.

You must 1). Complete this course 2). Pass the state Service Provider exam, and 3). Submit the Defiance County Health Department Contractor Registration application. Your will learn about each of these requirements throughout the course. Contact a Environmental Staff member at myseptic@defiancecohealth.org if you are having issues with the course, or if you wish to receive a paper course (some content not available in paper form).

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What Is a Service Provider

Operation and Maintenance Basics

Learn the Systems

Conducting an Inspection

Taking the Test

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