Swimming Pools and Spas

Pool The public swimming pool program was established in 1947 to prevent the spread of water-borne disease and reduce the risk for accidents at public facilities. Facilities serving four or more families are considered public and are required to obtain a license to operate from the health district. 

Public swimming pools must be inspected at least once every 365 days. Please visit the “Pool Inspections” link to view the most recent inspection for all licensed public swimming pools and spas in Defiance County. 


Information for Consumers

Healthy Swimming – Centers for Disease Control

Pool sanitation is maintained by disinfection of the water with chemicals like bromine or chlorine, and through continuous recirculation and filtration of the water. To provide safety for bathers, public pools are required to supply an emergency phone and maintain safety equipment, warning signs and first aid supplies. Pool and spa inspections include a comprehensive review of water sanitation and safety features. If you have a complaint or question about a public swimming pool or spa in Defiance County, you may contact the environmental health division at 419-784-3818

Information for Operators of Public Pools and Spas

Replacement Equipment – Operators are required to file an Equipment Replacement Notification Report (ERN) to report changes to equipment, including the use of additives or substitute materials, reagents or chemicals that affect equipment performance and are not authorized by the manufacturer, affect the product listing; accordingly, such are substantial alterations that must be authorized.

Equipment replacement refers to one of the following:

  • Replacement of a disinfection reagent feed device with a different method of delivery, different reagent, or that changes the disinfectant output;
  • Replacement of a circulation filter with a different size, different method of filtration, different media, or a different method of operation;
  • Replacement of a circulation, jet, or special feature pump that changes the operation of the pool or associated equipment;
  • Replacement of a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) Automatic Pump Shut-Off System (APSO) to prevent potential entrapment from drain outlets;

ERN-Equipment Replacement Report

Plan Approval – If a pool or spa is renovated or substantially altered, plans must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health and approval received before any work is started.

The following activities qualify as a renovation or substantial alteration:

  • Construction that changes the depth, shape or the other basic design features of a public swimming pool or spa in a manner that affects pool or spa patron safety or circulation system design, changes or replaces a pool or spa’s deck, changes the basic design of a diving board or adds a special feature.
  • Complete replacement of the recirculation system
  • Installation of a diving board or diving stand except for a replacement.
  • Replacement of all return piping, or all skimmer piping from the filter room to the pool or the main drain fitting and pipe.
  • Replacement of more than fifty percent of the gutter overflow system or more than fifty percent of the total number of inlets and outlets.

Application for Plan Review

Spray Grounds That Recirculate Water

Public Pool – Spa Data Sheet


For questions regarding the Swimming Pool and Spa Program contact us. For further information concerning plan review requirements, you can contact the Ohio Department of Health.

Public swimming pools, spas and special use pools are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3749. of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Chapter 3701-31 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).


3749. Ohio Revised Code (ORC)


3701-31 Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)