Contractor Registration

Sewage Treatment System contractors shall register in each county they work in. The current fee for registering with Defiance County is $150.00. You can contact our department to get a current Contractor Registration Form.

Contractors must carry a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance, pass a contractor test over the current sewage rules, obtain a surety bond (submitted to Ohio Department of Health), and obtain 6 hours of Continuing Education each year. See the links below for more information on registration requirements.

ODH Registration  Scroll down on this page and click link for “Surety Bonding Requirements and Bond Forms

State Sewage Rules Examination

WPCLF Process

The Defiance County General Health District (DCGHD) will perform all HSTS repair or replacement actions pursuant to a contract between itself and an installer.  The only construction eligible for WPCLF funding under this program is that performed under contracts between the DCGHD and its installers.  Improvements performed under contracts between installers and individual homeowners are not eligible for assistance under this program.  The DCGHD has submitted a WPCLF assistance agreement with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) before beginning the bidding process for projects.  The assistance agreement will serve as a template for DCGHD’s contracts with HSTS installers.

Contracts with an estimated construction cost of less than $50,000.00 will be competitively bid through this website portal per the agreement between the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA), Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Defiance County General Health District (DCGHD).

Contractors must submit the following forms:

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Certification Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters
EEO Requirements Debarment Form Requirements
EEO Certification Form Certification Regarding Debarment Form


Model Contract

Qualified Applicants:

 Qualified applicants must meet the guidelines for funding.  Each bid must be formatted as a line item bid with the quantity and cost of each component.  Line item bids help ensure that the bidding process is fair and objective for all interested bidders.  If you have questions regarding the type of sewage treatment system for the bid, please do not hesitate to contact the environmental health division at (419) 784-3818. A total of three bids from three different installers are required for the installation of a sewage treatment system for the following applicants.


Installation Verification and Payment Disbursement Process

Payments will be disbursed to the DCGHD only after the following requirements have been met.  Once contract has been executed by all parties (DCGHD and contractor) and copy submitted to ODH:

  1. The installation of the HSTS has been inspected by the DCGHD and a final inspection has been issued;
  2. The DCGHD will submit a completed WPCLF HSTS Principal Forgiveness Payment Request Form to ODH with the following attachments:
    1. A copy of the contractor’s invoice(s) that lists the costs for the HSTS repair/ replacement work;
    2. A copy of the DCGHD’s final inspection certification; and
    3. A copy of the signature page from the contract between the LHD and the contractor.
  3. ODH will review and approve submissions.  ODH requests Ohio EPA to authorize the disbursement of approved amounts to the DCGHD.  Ohio EPA will then direct OWDA to disburse the funds to the DCGHD.  Please note that the HSTS contractors will not be paid directly by Ohio EPA and OWDA.  The payments will be made to the DCGHD who will be responsible for rendering payment to the contractors.