Child Passenger Safety

Defiance County General Health District promotes Child Passenger Safety within our community. Motor vehicle crashes can occur anywhere and to anyone.  Statistically, crashes are a leading cause of death in children.  Many of these deaths result from the incorrect use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.  According to a NHTSA study, 46% of car seats and booster seats were misused in some way that could decrease the protection offered by the child safety seat in the event of a crash.  With continued education on child passenger safety and correct car seat installation, the risk of death or injury from a motor vehicle crash can be greatly reduced. 

Ohio Buckles Buckeye (OBB) Car Seat Program

The Ohio Department of Health’s child passenger safety (CPS) program, Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB), provides child safety seats and booster seats to eligible low income families in all Ohio counties.  The overall goal of this program is to increase the availability of child safety seats for families who could not otherwise afford them and to increase correct installation and proper use of child safety seats.

To be eligible for the OBB program, you must be a resident of Defiance County and meet WIC eligibility guidelines (If you are not a current WIC client, you must provide proof of income, proof of residency, and a picture ID). Car seats are available on a limited basis. Car seat classes consist of viewing an instructional video on car seat safety and assisted installation of car seat.

Simple Steps to Child Passenger Safety

There is strong evidence of effectiveness in establishing car seat laws and car seat distribution plus education programs to increase use of child safety seats and decrease injuries and deaths to child passengers according to the Community Preventive Services Task Force (American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2001: 21(4S), 31-47).