Senior Falls

Community Health Staff offer programing to work toward preventing injury in Defiance County. One way to prevent injury is providing education and programming focused towards older adults. Falling is not a normal part of getting older. There are steps you can take, or help your loved ones take, to create a safe environment and lifestyle.

Effective strategies to prevent falls include:
 – Promoting a view of falls and fear of falling as controllable
 – Setting realistic goals for increasing activity
 – Changing the environment to reduce fall risk factors
 – Promoting exercise to increase strength and balance

Are you at risk for falling?

Stay healthy and independent by
checking your risk for a fall.

A Matter of Balance

To address senior falls in Defiance County, the A Matter of Balance program is offered to older adults in various community settings. A Matter of Balance teaches participants to reduce their fear of falling and increase their activity levels. A Matter of Balance acknowledges the risk of falling but emphasizes practical coping strategies to reduce this fear. Call 419-784-3818 to speak to a public health nurse, or click the link below to send us a message.

Explore the resources below to learn more about A Matter of Balance, and other ways to prevent injuries caused by falling.

View the links below to learn more about A Matter of Balance.

A Matter of Balance Brochure
A Matter of Balance Explained

In 2021 DCGHD was awarded a mini-grant for A Matter of Balance due to one master trainer retiring. One staff member was able to complete a master trainer course. DCGHD now has two master trainers, one which can provide virtual trainings. If you are interested in attending or hosting A Matter of Balance, please contact us!

Click the link below to view reports of Senior Falls in Defiance County.

Defiance County Falls Reports

STEADI stands for Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries. STEADI is an initiative from the CDC’s Injury Center created for Healthcare Providers who treat older adults who are at risk of fallen, or who have fallen in the past.

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