Promoting overall wellness and empowering residents

Working collaboratively to optimize the health and well-being of Defiance County

POWER Defiance County is the coalition which develops, monitors, and implements the Defiance County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP is a blueprint for improving the health and health-related systems of our community. The 2022-2024 CHIP was informed by the Community Health Assessment (CHA) which involved public input and data analysis to identify major health-related needs of our community.  This includes a series of surveys, community meetings, and a review of local, regional, state, and national statistics. The coalition reviewed  information concerning the health and social challenges Defiance County adults, youth and children may be facing. They determined priority issues which if addressed, could improve future outcomes, determined gaps in current programming and policies and examined best practices and solutions. The coalition has recommended specific action steps they hope many agencies and organizations will embrace to address the priority issues in the coming months and years.


The goal in collaboration is to improve the behavioral, physical, mental and social health and overall well-being of our community.  There are many factors that affect one’s health; collaboration encourages connecting, coordination and working together around common goals to help strengthen the programs, services, and resources that create a healthy community.

How did we get here?
The Community Health Improvement Process is an in depth process. Beginning in July 2021, POWER Defiance County met four (4) times and completed the following planning steps:

1. Initial Meeting

• Review the process and timeline
• Finalize committee members
• Create or review vision

2. Choose Priorities

• Use of quantitative and qualitative data to prioritize target impact areas

3. Rank Priorities

• Rank health problems based on magnitude, seriousness of consequences, and feasibility of correcting

4. Community Themes and Strengths Assessment

• Open-ended questions for committee on community themes and strengths

5. Forces of Change Assessment

• Open-ended questions for committee on forces of change

6. Local Public Health Assessment

• Review the Local Public Health System Assessment with committee

7. Gap Analysis

• Determine discrepancies between community needs and viable community resources to address local priorities
• Identify strengths, weaknesses, and evaluation

8. Quality of Life Survey

• Review the process and timeline
• Finalize committee members
• Create or review vision

9. Strategic Action Identification

• Identification of evidence-based strategies to address health priorities

10. Best Practices

 • Review of best practices, proven strategies, evidence continuum, and feasibility continuum

11. Resource Assessment

• Determine existing programs, services, and activities in the community that address specific strategies

12. Draft Plan

• Review of all steps taken
• Action step recommendations based on one or more of the following: enhancing existing efforts, implementing new programs or services, building infrastructure, implementing evidence-based practices, and feasibility of implementation.

Through completion of the CHIP Process, POWER Defiance established six (6) priorities. Based on the chosen priorities, POWER Defiance was asked to identify strategies for each priority area. Members referenced a list of evidence-based strategies recommended by the Ohio State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), as well as brainstormed for other impactful strategies.

Below are the top priorities and corresponding strategies selected for the 2022-2024 CHIP

Community Conditions

Affordable Housing Development and Preservation
Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs
Health In All Policies

Health Behaviors

Food Insecurity and Screening Referral
Healthy Food Initiatives in Food Banks
Complete Streets and Streetscape Design Initiatives
Mass Media Campaigns Against Tobacco Use
Community-Wide Physical Activity Campaign

Access To Care

Guides for Family Services and Support
Public Transportation Systems
Workforces Shortages
Dental Awareness
Health Literacy Interventions

Mental Health & Addiction

School-Based Social & Emotional Instruction
Develop a Unified Approach to Youth Prevention Programming
School-Based Alcohol/Other Drug Prevention Programs
Universal School-Based Suicide Awareness & Education Programs
Mass Media Campaigns Against Risky Behaviors & Substance Abuse

Chronic Disease

Blood Pressure Screening for Adults aged 18 & Older

Injury Prevention

Increase Community Awareness & Education of Risky Driving Behaviors
Increase Awareness of Child Passenger Safety Best Practices
Activity Programs for Older Adults
Increase the Use of Safe Sleep Practices

Explore the resources below to learn more about the Defiance County Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Defiance County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). New to the CHA and CHIP? A good place to start is the CHIP Talking Points and CHIP Summary. Questions may be directed to the Health Promotion Division at DCGHD by calling 419-784-3818.

The next POWER Defiance County Meeting is May 9, 2024 at 8:30 am at Defiance County East in the 2nd Floor Conference Room.