Smoke Free Ohio

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Changes to Ohio Smoking Law

Changes to the Smoking law, Revised Code 3794.01 and 3794.03, were enacted by the Ohio legislature on Sept. 30, 2021. The definition of smoking was updated to include electronic smoking devices (e- cigarettes) and vapor products. This means that individuals using e-cigarettes or vaping products can no longer use them inside. Restrictions on outside use are the same as other tobacco products, such as cigarettes.

Major points of the law include:
• No Smoking signs that include e-cigarettes/vaping products must be posted at all entrances/exits.
• No smoking inside which means no e-cigarette, vape, cigarette, cigar, hookah, or other smoking allowed.
• Remove all ashtrays from no smoking areas.
• Like the exemption for a retail tobacco store, a new exemption for retail vapor stores may be requested. Additional information on eligibility and the process to apply for an exemption will be available at program/resources/exemptionsfromthesmokefreeworkplacelaw.
Signs for posting near entrances and exits can be downloaded or ordered from the Ohio Department of Health’s website at: or can be customized to include a local health department or management phone number in addition to the toll-free hotline number.
Report smoking law violations using smart phone or tablet by filling out this report or by email at, or phone at 1(866) 559-OHIO (6446).
To read the text of the smoking law, visit

Smokefree Workplace Law

On May 3, 2007 the enforcement for the Smokefree Workplace Law began. You can find a copy of the law and rules at the Ohio Department of Health website along with information to assist businesses in developing policies to address smoking issues and help employees to stop smoking.

If you would like to file a complaint, you may do so by supplying the following information either by mail, e-mail, or the toll free telephone number.



  • Name of business or individual in violation
  • Address of business or individual in violation
  • County where the business is located
  • Alleged complaint
  • Date of violation and approximate time

Toll free telephone number: 1-866-559-6446